Display house voltage on a tile?

Anyone aware of a device that senses, and will allow me to display the overall house mains voltage on a dash tile? Or maybe send a warning even :slight_smile: I would have thought one of my outlets (SmartThings and Peanut) would offer this, but I'm at a loss. Seems it is there and on the Peanuts I just don't know how to get it haha.

I have been having an issue where the incoming voltage hits 145 volts at times and I'm not aware of it when it happens. And, the computer UPS basically quietly click over and run the systems, routers and Hubitat till they eventually shut down.

Intermittent, and the power company is working on what's wrong, but I'm in a very old section of town, and the infrastructure is trash.

The Aeotec plugs 6 or 7 and, Zooz Zen15 power switch can read voltage at the plug.

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Excellent. Thanks very much! I've been pondering a Zooz ZEN15 for a long time for another use as well. :slight_smile: And, I could use a Z-Wave repeater as well. I believe that does this.

If you really wanna do some cool stuff. I have a couple of these. One that I use a leg for the dryer breaker and one for the washer breaker for notifications. Then I have another one connected to both main legs... They work very very well.

Z-Wave electricity meter • Aeotec

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So, these just detect amperage? Unsure how it could do voltage via a clamp. Hmm.. Very cool nonetheless. I like both of your uses for this. I have that same need. Thanks!

@JDWx Does voltage and wattage too. Everything done by induction and very accurate