Discovering devices

adding my first device to the hub. its a xiaomi aqara motion sensor. sitting about 6 feet from the hub. discovering devices seems to not find the device even after the sensor is in discovery mode.

what am i doing wrong?


Take a look here… appears the xiaomi devices are ‘special’ :wink:

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thanks looked through it. unfortunately right now my problem cant even get the device to be discovered.

Was it previously paired? If so you have to unpair from the old system first, then reset by holding the button until you get 3 short flashes, then push the button every 2-3 seconds for 6ish times until the pairing competes. And there’s still an issue with timing out and going inactive. Maybe wait for some progress on that issue before spending too much time on the xiaomi devices.

i was going to start with the spare devices i have lying around that are not used with the ST hub … but o well guess have to wait or try something else.


I didn’t mention on my Compatible Devices List post that I noticed a couple of Xiaomi sensor paired more easily if I completely shut down and removed batteries from my SmartThings hub first.

thanks. last resort will try this.

I noticed you wrote you're trying to get it to join while sitting 6 feet away. Always attempt pairing of battery powered Zigbee devices Inches from the hub, not feet :wink:

Edit: Just looking though old threads to find something and I came across this one. I'll still say that if you have no repeaters, this may still be needed. However, if you have repeaters, I have since learned that you should always pair in place. The exception are locks. You often have to get them very close to pair. All depends on the lock.

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my bad. i am used to pairing battery powered zigbee devices from 6 yards away. will scale back.

thank you.

This is not the same device but I do have to reset multiple times to get my aqara temp/humidity sensor to pair. I find reset the device first and then put Hubitat into device discovery has much higher chance of finding the device. Unfortunately the device doesn’t like sticking around more than 2 days.

thanks. will give that a try. right I know about the disconnection problem. for now I am trying to get some of these devices connected just so I can try out a few things.

Zigbee and Z-Wave devices should pair within 10-15 ft of the hub, assuming you don’t have a Z-Wave repeater nearby.

I’ve paired zigbee devices significantly far away from the hub, through repeaters. Should be no issues with that.

Some Z-Wave devices are unable to be securely joined through repeaters that don’t support the Z-Wave plus feature set (older dimmers, switches, etc.)

Building out a good mesh for zigbee and z-wave requires planning repeaters to strengthen the mesh.

We are aware of the issues some are having with zigbee devices (mainly xiaomi) that might not follow the spec that fall off or immediately leave the mesh on joining. We hope to have a fix for that in the next software update coming out soon.


I paired two of the Xaomi sensors this morning downstairs with the HUB upstairs. There was a repeater nearby. I can also pair z-waves device this way as well. It just takes a bit longer so be patience and let it do it things. I just wish the hub can show some status of the pairing process or have a timeout so user know how long to expect.

Cuboy’s got a good idea I think. Is there a way to enable paring details in the real time log while in discovery mode? Or is that already an option somewhere?

We are working through some additional zigbee and z-wave logging options. Can’t tell you if/when it will be out, but our goal is to add more real time logging / information to help troubleshoot your mesh network(s).


Very glad to hear this - I was starting to worry about not having received any reply to my e-mail to support.

I hope it can be resolved, as I’ve resumed porting over Xiaomi device drivers and already shared the first finished one here.

Can’t guarantee this will fix it as we don’t have any to test with. But it has fixed other devices that were showing similar behavior.

If you aren’t getting a response you need from support, feel free to pm me at anytime.

i have a spare xiaomi motion sensor … happy to mail it to you if that helps? note this one would be the non-aqara version.

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The sensors are super cheap… ~$10 each, which is the appeal. I obviously realize you get what you pay for, and there’s reliability and durability to consider. and seem to have rotating sales on them.

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