Discovered something about Kwikset 910

I have a Kwikset 910 keypad/Z-wave lock. It has worked fine. The other day I couldn't unlock it either from the Keypad or from Z-wave. It was like it had totally died. I replaced the batteries but that didn't help. It should have worked via the keypad if nothing else. So I assumed it was history.

I had a Zigbee conversion unit I had bought and never installed. Just for grins I installed the Zigbee module in the lock. And that solved the problem. The keypad, etc. Started working again.

So it would seem if the Z-wave module goes bad it keeps the whole lock from working. Doesn't make sense, but whatever.

Just thought that might be of interest in case someone else ran into the same issue.

Yes the brains is in that module to speak of. I have a 910 on one door at my mom's house and it was flawless for year until 2 months ago where the bolt wouldn't retract into the locked in place position. Kwikset said that there was no way of fixing it and that their lifetime warranty replaced the mechanism but we had to pay shipping and handling. After we received the updated mechanism (minus the radio module) the z-wave interface wouldn't work and had to replace the whole lock which wasn't covered by the "lifetime" warranty.