Discover Intermatic CA3750 Z-wave switch

I have an Intermatic CA3750 that my water heater is connected to. I was using it with Smartthings and it had been working fine. I removed it from Smartthings and excluded it from the Smartthings Z-wave network.
I'm now trying to add it to my Hubitat. I put the Hubitat in Z-wave Inclusion mode and switch the CA3750 off and on but the Hubitat doesn't see it.

Any suggestions? I saw a few posts about using the Generic Z-wave switch driver for the CA3750 but I don't see how that comes in to play.

I'm a noob to the Hubitat, so please pardon if this is remedial.
Thanks, in advance,

I have used one of these switches with my C-5 Hubitat, but I haven't tried it with the C-7. With the C-5, I remember pairing it fairly close to the Hubitat before moving it.

This switch can be powered at 120V, 230V and 277V (going by memory). Although I used it as a 240V relay (also for a water heater), while pairing it close to the Hubitat, I configured it to use 120V, so I could plug it into a nearby outlet.

I literally have the Hubitat hub within 5 feet of the CA3750. Again, I put the Hubitat in Z-wave inclusion mode and switch the CA3750 off/on/off/on... it doesn't find it.

Try excluding it from the Hubitat first.

Edit - also, I seem to remember pushing the button on it just one (and not several times). I'm not using mine, it is sitting in a box in the garage. So I will try to wire it up and include it with both the C-5 and then with the C-7.

Bingo! That worked.

Thank you!!!

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