[Discontinued] Insteon on/off micro modules

Yes, I’m still using an Insteon hub integrated with Hubitat. Don’t judge, I know what’s good for me. :wink:

The micro modules from Insteon have the fantastic capability of load sensing. For me, this works perfect for introducing automated humidity control to bathroom extraction fans, while still allowing the use of a standard wall timer for manually turning the fan on for anywhere from 5 to 30 min. I need two more if anyone has some to sell. Recent eBay searches have not produced results.

However, if there are any other micro modules that have load sensing capabilities anyone is aware of, I’m willing to consider using WiFi, Zigbee or even Z-Wave to accomplish the task.

I can still get Insteon outlets with load sensing capability, so burying an Insteon outlet is a possibility, but it is less desirable than finding two more Insteon on/off micro modules, or another radio technology in a micro module with load sensing capability.

Sounds like Shelly 2.5 can do what I want.

“ SWITCH: Configure Shelly to operate accordingly to the state of the switch (button).
Manual Switch Type
Momentary – When using a button.
Toggle Switch – When using a switch.
Edge Switch – Shelly will change its state on every push.”

For anyone looking for a replacement for the Insteon on/off micro modules or any other brand, I can confirm that not only can the Shelly 2.5 Dual relay act exactly the same as the now discontinued Insteon micro module, it is also smaller and yet it does so much more. I’m really impressed by this little module. I hope it’s ability to stay connected to WiFi is also good. It’s quite nice that it supports operating locally without requiring their cloud.