Disconnecting Zigbee switches

I have tried a few aqara and some generic window / door switches and all my zigbee devices keep going inactive. I finally replaced my important switches with z-wave and so far they have been great. Anyone having issues with zigbee devices disconnecting. If I rediscover them by resetting them they come back but since I was using the one that failed last night to drain my aquarium to 10% and it took it to my safety limit of 60% because it disconnected, this is a huge problem. I need something I can count on. I always (maybe I shouldn't) do all the updates as they come out. So my hubitat is up to day. It's also a C-7. Any thoughts here?

By switches, do you mean contact sensors? Immediate thoughts would be a weak mesh. Do you have any non-battery devices?

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I have two that plug into the wall, they havent been an issue. The one disconnecting all the time is less the 3 feet from the hubitat. No matter what brand I switch it out with, it fails. All Battery Zigbee loose connection after a few days and the only way to bring them back online is to re-discover them.

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Yes, contact sensors.

What @FriedCheese2006 said:

@FriedCheese2006 is asking this because only line-powered zigbee devices function as repeaters for a zigbee mesh. A general rule of thumb is to have 1 repeater for every 4-6 battery-powered sensors.


Right, but proximity to the hub doesn't necessarily mean that it's connecting directly (although you would assume so). It could be attaching to a repeater instead and the problem lies there. Next step would be to use the new, nifty graph or even just the bare route table to answer that question.

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To add to this, we know nothing about the nature of any potential repeaters and their capacity to repeat for the end-devices in question.

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