Discerning Between Switch On and Switch Dim

Please Note: I have only used Basic rules thus far. I use Lutron Caseta dimmers connected through the Lutron Pro Hub.

I setup a basic rule to set a light to 80% dim when it turns on from an off state. This works great.

What I'm trying to do stop the light from going to 80% when (from an off state) I only want to dim it 20%. This happens either using the dimmer up button on switch itself or another method such as a triggering a scene that initially sets the light to 20%. The rule will always engage when the switch starts from an off state to set illumination to 80%. I can then adjust the light to whatever brightness I want using the switch itself or any other way I wish to do so.

I searched for an answer but could not find something. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Post your rule....

I'll let the more intelligent people add but my thoughts are to add some conditions around your 80% rule (e.g. should this only happen at certain times/days/modes, etc.).
That or only trigger from certain means.
Or maybe a conditional statement that first checks on existing switches or such.
Again, will let the smarter people come in now :stuck_out_tongue:

I wound up venturing into Rule Machine and figured out how to accomplish what I needed. It's a pretty simple rule that relies on the dimmer level. I'll post it below.

I'm now trying to figure out how to allow the switch to go to and stay at 100% (or perhaps 99%) if I press the top button on the Lutron dimmer a second time.


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You can also use simple automation..

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