Disaster recovery planning for HE


I will soon become so reliant on a working HE hub that I will have to start thinking more seriously about disaster recovery. I've seen many users here on the forum praising the backup and restore capabilities of HE, but how would that work in practice if my HE hub would die?

My plan was to get a second HE hub that would be the spare for the HE hub in use. Evey month or so I'd start up the spare hub and restore the configuration from the primary hub on to it. If the primary hub then would die I was hoping to be able to just fire up the spare hub and everything would work.

But surely it cannot be that easy? Would I have to rediscover devices? Re-link to the Hue bridge for example?

Does anyone have any experience with doing this or have other suggestions on how to achieve fast disaster recovery?


I been working on this, for the hub I noticed that anything through the cloud oauth needs to be reconfigured, I suppose is the hub ID difference. Anything else should work. Now if the USB stick fails it's a totally different story. To get a backup (before the stick dies) of the USB stick you need some 3rd party tools, backup the z wave DB, and restore it in another stick, for the zigbee there is no way to backup and restore the stick, the DB is stored on the hub but the PAN ID of the new stick will be different, so you will have the full list of devices in your hub, you must put your hub in pairing mode and re-pair each device, they will get the old slot info and config so no other changes are needed, like re visiting rules to change device. This is much more than other hubs in the market, for example, if your ST hubs dies, nothing will save you.


We should also make sure the Hubitat Team knows this is an enhancement that a number of people would be interested in having in a future release. I would think it would also benefit their support team as it would make swapping out a hub easier as well.


You'll need to move the USB radio stick(s) as well. Not sure about Hue, if the backup hub has the same IP address, then you may not need reconnect. It's hard to say until you've actually tried it once.