Disappearing Scene From Pico Remote Buttons

I have setup a couple scenes for my wife and added them to be activated on a Pico Remote that my wife keeps on her nightstand.

I’ve only had it setup for about a week and this is the third time I’ve seen this occur.

I just “Held” button 4 to activate a scene, button 4 held does the same thing as “Pressing” button 3 at the moment because I had some issues already I was trying to troubleshoot. After I held button 4 the scene activated as expected... my wife then said it would be nice to have another scene that did xyz. At which point I open Hubitat via my iPhone and launch the button controller app for the Pico remote to double check the scene I was going to duplicate to then end up changing. However when I go into the button controller I noticed button 3 pressed and button 4 held have the scene missing and just said “Activate Scenes:”

I went into button 4 “held” and it completely erased the action and I then found myself taking the above screenshot and found my way here to see if any others have had similar issues with actions or scenes disappearing from the Button Controller app?

Thank you!