Disabling rules

What do people do about disabling a rule? I am fairly new and been trying out various different ways of writing rules in Rule Machine. For example, I have one working, then I think maybe there is a better way and want to try it out for comparison. Sometimes I'd like to quickly disable the first rule so only the new one I am testing will run, but not delete the first rule until I know the new one is better. Whats the most efficient way to disable for that sort of reason? When it's code blocks being compared I just add the line "return;" at the top of the block I don't want, but I don't know if there is an equivalent for the Rule Machine.

In the apps screen, click on the light gray X on the upper right side of the page. A checkbox will appear in front of every app. If you click on the checkbox the adjacent app will be disabled.


Ahhhh! I see! Do you know I saw the X and assumed it just closed the page lol. That makes things a lot easier than I was fearing.