Disable Switch based on another switch being on

I would like to disable a switch or prevent it from turning on if another switch happens to be on. Any thoughts on how to accomplish this? I can't figure this out. Thanks

Do you mean you want to disable a rule that's on a switch based on the status of another switch? Restrict a rule from running based on status of another switch? Or do you want to prevent a light from physically being turned on? Sorry for the 3rd degree. I'm just trying to understand what path you wish to take with that.

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Unless your rule uses an actuator to move a switch cover into place, I don't see anyway to achieve this using RM. The best you can do is turn if off immediately after it is turned on (if the "other" switch is on).

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So I have inovelli red series switches and was wondering of I could disable local control thru rule manager

As far as I can tell, "Disable Internal Relay" and "Enable Internal Relay" has to be done physically at the switch (by pressing the config button 8 times).

You can do it thru hubitat

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If you can do it through Hubitat, then it might be available as a Custom Action for the switch through Rule Machine.

I will have a look. thanks

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