Disable Motion Tracking on Dome DMMS1?

Is there a way to disable motion tracking on the Dome DMMS1 motion detector? I just want to use it for illumination and figure any way I can save battery life the better.

Parameter 4 : 0 = disable motion detection. 1 is default.

Use the Basic Zwave Tool to set values that are not native to the drivers. (The driver will change a parameter if you give it a chance to.)

  • Download and add the driver source to your hub.
  • Change the driver for your motion sensor to the Basic ZWave Tool (at the bottom of the selection dropdown.)
  • Put numbers in the Set Parameters fields for what you desire. 4, 1, 0 (top to bottom - param #, size, value)
  • Click the Set Parameter button
  • Change the driver back to your original driver.

I didn't even know this existed. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

I have a Github account and used it in ST to download WebCore, but that's it. Sorry for the basic question, how do I download this into Hubitat? I tried creating a new app and importing using the link, but didn't get past a blank screen.

It is a DRIVER not an APP. Go to "Driver Code", click New Driver in upper right, copy the code in, hit save.

Then go to the device, change its type and his save.

Oooops. Thanks! :smile:

Github has that 'formatted' view of the code. Hubitat's Import wants the RAW code... there's a RAW button in the upper right corner of the code view. Click it, get the raw view and then copy THAT URL into the import field.


I don't know who first expressed the idea, but I read it and started adding:


...to the top of the code.

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