Disable motion timer by pressing dimmer ON manually?

Is it possible through the Motion Lighting app to disable the timer which turns the lights off from manually pressing the ON button on a dimmer or switch? If I’m working in an area or would like a light to stay on, in ST I had a webCoRE rule that would do this. How can I do this in Hubitat? Thanks!

Yes, this is possible. There is an option in the last section called

Options for Additional Sensors, Lights Off and Off options

The option is called:

Switch to Disable Turning Off

Whatever switch selected there, when turned on, will prevent Motion Lighting from turning off the lights.

Thank you, one last question... in a 4 way dimmer configuration where there is a Lutron dimmer with two pico that also control the dimmer, do you have to specify the two pico in that option or can you just specify the dimmer and the puconwill also work for disabling the motion timer? I don’t have any of my pico listed in Hubitat yet but will if I need to in order to use them to disable the timer as well. Thank you.

If you are using that dimmer for the disable switch, you do not need to worry about the picos at all. No matter how you turn on that dimmer, it turning on will disable the Motion Lighting turn off.

Excellent! Thanks!