Disable device or change driver via rule?

Long story short I have a projector integrated via driver that's really chatty, works great when the projector is on (rarely) and makes too much noise when it's off, and worse turning it on via HE still doesn't work reliably. Fortunately the unit has a built in option to power on when connected to power, so I can throw it on a smart plug and use that for power on commands. Ideally the device/driver would only be active once a rule turns that plug on, to start pinging to establish control, then once a routine kills that plug, either the device/driver "goes to sleep" or, if possible via rule machine, I could just change the devices driver to generic button or something so it stops searching for a disconnected device. Then the rule could power the unit on and swap the driver back or "reactivate" the device.

Any ideas?

I don't think you can change a driver via a Rule, but you can disable a device using a httpget http post, so that should be possible via a Rule.

There is a way to enable or disable a device via Rule Machine. It's in the "Capture/Restore, Device Refresh, or Polling" category:

Screenshot of 'Disable/Enable devices' action in Rule 5.1

You cannot change a driver via Rule Machine, only manually on the device page.

The rest of your question, including the reason you might want to do this, isn't clear to me, but it sounds like maybe you have an HTTP-based driver for the device in question and don't want it generating unnecessary attempts and perhaps errors when it's offline? (And I assume the "button" thing was just an example of a driver that wouldn't do this?)


A much easier way!

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