Disable Device "Improvement"

Would it be possible to not disable events when devices (probably just power devices) are disabled?
The reasoning behind this is I am using outlets to add safety to certain items (irons, soldering irons, etc), by making sure they are not on too long, or not on when everybody is away and other stuff, also so you can monitor the washing machine without accidentally cutting it off mid-cycle.
I find the disable device feature very handy to make sure that the device cannot accidentally be triggered from a dashboard or a rule.
It does allow for the device to be controlled by its own switch, but as this is ignored there is no way to write a rule to catch this and turn it back off.

Just a thought.

I did also notice that on dashboards it still does try to turn off the device and just sits with the sending message, rather than just ignoring it, or telling you it is disabled.


That's not what this function is for. It's for disabling the device, period. You can do what you are trying to do using Rule Machine or other apps to monitor switches/etc.


Some devices have a way to disable local control, including the Zooz ZEN15 "heavy duty" plug--which came to my mind since you mentioned a washing machine, and that's exactly what I'm using one of mine for. Might be worth looking into!

And while I can't speak to your request directly, I agree with the above that it seems unlikely to happen. The original intent with this feature was troubleshooting: if you think you have runaway app or driver code, you can disable that app or driver to see if it helps. (This was before we had stats that could also help with this.) It prevents any app or driver code from running at all. If you just want to respond differently (or not at all) to some things, doing some modification on the app side--perhaps using some virtual device as an intermediary--might be a good workaround. For Dashboard, you could also just use an Attribute tile or something else that lets you see whatever but doesn't let you send commands to the device.


Okay, sound like I was overthinking it.

What model outlets are you using?
A better solution would be if the drivers for these devices had an 'Always On' option, which makes exactly what you need - prevent the outlets to be accidentally switched off from HE.

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Depending on the implementation they are not either innr, Tuya, or SmartThings

SmartThings outlets should also work with this driver, where the 'Always On' option is available. If you have time, you can give it a try.

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