Dimming bulb using holding a button


I have ikea remote with 5 buttons.
I want to dim up and dim down a bulb.
I did a rule for each action (diffrent button number) with command "start raising" and "start lowering" but then the bulb goes to 100 or 1.

I want to dim when I am holding the button and stop dimming when the button is released - is this possible?


Yes, you need to use the "Stop changing dimmer" action in response to the button release event, or however you want to handle this. (Naturally, this particular setup would require that your button report "released" events, which many but not all do.)

Also, I see you posted this in the Rule Machine category, and it's certainly possible to do this in Rule Machine. However, creating a bunch of rules for the same button device is generally easier in Button Controller (which is otherwise similar in functionality), so I might also suggest that if you aren't using it already (without any more information than provided in your first post, it's hard to tell).