Dimming a room with Hue lights and Z-Wave Dimmer switch using Alexa


I have a situation in which I am able to say while standing in the Living Room,

"Alexa, turn on the lights." (Echo device is in the Living Room)

Alexa turns on all my Hue lights in the Living Room and the chandelier in the Living Room that is connected to a Z-Wave dimmer (GE: I think). The dimmer is set up as a light in the Alexa app.

When I say,

"Alexa, set the living room to 50%" or "Alexa set lights to 50%"

Only the Hue lights dim to 50%. The chandelier stays the same brightness.

When I was on Wink the units behaved as they should (all would dim) but since moving to Hubitat, they do not.

I am sure it is some setting that isn't right but I cannot seem to find where to make the change (Hubitat, Hue or the Alexa app)

Any help is appreciated!