I’m just fitting out my new kitchen with lights and wanted to make them all controllable through Hubitat. I’m in the UK but have had a neutral installed into the switch as well.

I’ve got a dimmer connected to each of the following:

4m of LED strip under my kitchen units.
Dining room light with x9 4w Filament LED bulbs
Kitchen spots with x4 5w led bulbs
Breakfast bar hanging lights with x4 4w filament led bulbs.

I’m using Aurora Aone 250w smart dimmer switch on each. My lights don’t dim very low, the flicker at 90% power and the dining ones seem to pulse up and down on their own.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need trailing edge dimmers instead of leading edge? Which is the Aone switch? Should I just use standard trailing edge dimmers and I’ve heard people using smart modules in the light fittings?

Just had it confirmed Aone have said their dimmer is trailing edge.

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