Dimmer switch not responding consistently

I have a zooz dimmer switch, that responds sporadically to apps/modes. It’s in a pretty central location, so I’ll need to troubleshoot. Some steps I’m thinking of:

  1. uninstall/reinstall the device
  2. confirm correct driver is installed (can I find that in firmware/device specific ids?)

Anything else that I should consider?

What specific model Zooz dimmer? With that info, someone here can probably confirm what the latest zooz firmware for it is and suggest the best driver to try.

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That’s the problem, not totally sure. Can I figure that out from device Id/firmware listed on the device?

Somebody smarter than me may have a more sure-fire way, but if you go to the device's own device page, is the model identified in the section I highlighted here?

Only if you use a certain driver that so nicely puts it there for you :wink: [DRIVER] Zooz ZEN Switches Advanced (and Dimmers)

But it actually looks like you may have used my driver and then switched back to the stock one, traitor!

Yes, but you have to convert the decimal values to HEX and the compare them to something. Or if you just pop off the cover plate it is engraved on the front of it.


Yeah, I can do that over the weekend, sounds not too bad. I wanted to avoid pulling it out of the box.

I was having some general zooz problems with them a while ago, so I was messing with drivers. Maybe something else I can try is adjusting it back to yours.

Ha, nuts - you're right about the driver swap! I was troubleshooting something earlier this week, and I realize now that I didn't put your driver back in as I was cleaning up... I'll do that now. Good thing I happened to grab that device as an example :sweat_smile:

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If you have already been using my driver, it should be listed in the State Variables. Mine are universal so you just need to know if its a dimmer or a switch and it does the rest for you. Just switch back to it and press Configure, it should load in the model if its not there already.

The firmware version should also be at the very bottom in the "Data" section.

Also, what hub model and firmware do you have? If you have a C7 did you apply the Zwave update to 7.17?


Yea, I’m on the latest release with my c7, and I updated the firmware for zwave. I’ll look at it a bit this weekend (reminds me I also have to fix my vpn into my udmp setup.)

Some strange stuff listed in the log, turning on at midnight.

Look on the Device page for the switch and go to the bottom and look in the In Use By section - that will ID what apps are using the switch. Then you can investigate why the switch is getting turned on.

The only app which showed turning on and setting to 25% was this one.

I’ve added some restrictions to see if this would help.

It still seems like a bug to me. Here is my mode setup.

I haven't used Mode Manager (not a Mode guy, myself) but it looks like you're setting Modes both in the "Set mode based on time of day" section (which includes choosing the days of the week on which Mode is set) and then again in the "Set mode based on days of week" section. That seems (to my mode-uneducated eye) like you could have conflicting settings for mode in those two sections. Does that make sense?

Can you show what is listed in the "In use by" section at the bottom of the device page for the switch? This section:

All just to stay up later, and sleep in more on the weekends. :wink:

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