Dimmer device, and appearance on dashboard

Added my first three in-wall Zwave dimer switches today. I think I have them set up as devices correctly, and even got the S2 security set up right first try (I pre-scanned the QR-code before installing them).

But when I add tiles for them on a dashboard, using the "dimmer" template, it looks wrong, and doesn't seem to give me any controls.

Those last three, with the big question marks in the middle of the tiles. There is one previous "dimmer" template tile that does do what I expect (in fact it's why that's what I expect); it's for a Honeywell dual-plug dimmer that just plugs into an outlet, not for something that's a wired-in switch.

Manual switching works. I haven't been able to try switching through the hub, the way I know how to do that is through a dashboard.

So, is "dimmer" the wrong template? Or have I missed configuring something? Or what?

Oh, just for completeness, the Zwave topology report seems to say all pairs of devices except one see each other directly:

Screenshot_2021-02-21 Z-Wave Details

09, 0B, and 0C are the three new dimmers. Don't ask me what happened to device 0A, I have no idea.

06 is a plug-in dual switch that isn't currently used for anything (it was the first thing I added, plugged in by my computer, with a lamp on it, so I could do early testing really easily). 06 and 08 both show status "OK" in the Zwave Details report.

If you see a question mark on a Dashboard tile, it's usually because the attribute value (current state) it's looking for isn't present or isn't a valid value. For the "Dimmer" template, I'm pretty sure the question mark here is supposed to read the "switch" (on/off) attribute value and the slider the "level" value. So, the first thing I'd check is: go to the device page ("Devices") for each of these devices, then observe whether they show correct values--or anything at all--for these attributes under "Current States" towards the top of the page. If not, there is some troubleshooting you can do, but it would at least point to a device problem rather than anything with Dashboard specifically.

So, I'm thinking this could be described as an anomalous "current states" display?

It's the same for all the new dimmer devices.

New devices often start in an unknown state until the first report is received (usually the first time you turn it on or off).

However, in this case, from the device screen you posted, it looks like this is using the "Device" driver, which isn't going to work with a Dimmer Dashboard tile.

What is the make/model for these dimmers?


What make and model of zwave dimmer switches did you install? Your device driver, does not look like a driver for a dimmer switch.

Yeah, the way I ended up discovering them didn't remind me of everything to fix. They are indeed using the "Device" driver, and when I change (at least one of them) to using the generic zwave dimmer driver the problem appears to clear up.

These are the Jasco Ultra-Pro zwave-plus in-wall smart dimmer, model 3010.

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