Dimmer child says "is on" instead of triggering event again - no push event available for parent


I have a sunricher Zigbee dimmer with 4 buttons (2x2). Everything worked fine, it was recognized as "RGBgenie Wireless Dimmer Switch" with two "Generic Component Dimmer" children. My problem is, that I want to use each button of the dimmer separately. Did not seem to be complicated. The children have "on" and "off" events.

However, when "on" is repeated, I do not get the event "turned on", but only an information "is on". That's it. So it is not possible to use the button again without switching off again. Same vice versa.

The parent device has a push event, however this is not triggered at all. Thus, it is not possible for me to recognize repeated button clicks.

Do you have an idea? Maybe another driver? But I cannot change the driver of the children. Would be happy if you have an idea :slight_smile:

Thank you



I found the solution:

  1. Selecting Type "Device" -> Save
  2. Deleting all Chilren
  3. Selecting Type "RGBgenie Button Controller" -> Save
  4. Configure
  5. Waiting!!!

And after a while I had 4 buttons that can be used separately :slight_smile:



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