Different dashboards are giving different temp for same device

I have the same device in two different dashboards giving different Temps. "Rileys Temperature Ecobee", Why?

Even when I change the first image to a temperature template, it gives a different temp.

what's it showing in the devices menu?

What device is that? Also what templates are you using, it looks like a motion template at the top and a temperature template at the bottom, but if that device is a thermostat one of those readings might be the set point?

It was user error. One of them was when I had it linked to ST a couple months back.

@Terk it's a remote motion sensor and temp.

One more problem I see though. When looking at the main ecobee unit I see that the remote unit is reporting 84' but looking in hubitat under the remote device it's reporting 80'. Why the offset here?


My guess is it updated but the dashboard hadn't refreshed yet as the dashboard should show what the devices page shows.