Difference between RM "Pause" and RM "Stop" C-7


If you have a rule that has some time schedules, when you pause the rule, those schedules remain. i.e. the rule will run on schedule but not actually do anything as it is paused.
If you stop the rule you will see that these time schedules disappear, therefore the rule will never run.
When you start the rule again you see the schedules re-appear again.

This is my understanding but could be (more than likely) wrong.
Test it and you will see what I mean.

EDIT. I see the RM guru is typing. My breath is bated. :wink:


With Pause, all of the rule's subscriptions and schedules remain intact. When a trigger fires or a scheduled event happens, the rule discovers that it is paused, and exits. The rule can be resumed by another rule or through the UI for the rule.

With Stop, all of the rule's subscriptions and schedules are removed. The rule has to be restarted through the UI for the rule. It is as if the rule was never initialized to begin with.


Hi @bravenel, after clicking in stop, if I click the button "done" the rule comes back to previous status before clicking stop. The stop only gets effective when I don't click the button Done. Is there an issue on it? thanks.

This is the expected behavior. Stop returns a rule to it's un-initialized state (no schedules or event subscriptions), and Done causes it to be initialized. Initialization creates the schedules and subscription events, thus making the rule live (not stopped).