Difference between GE Smart Fan Control and Generic Z-Wave Dimmer drivers?

I have 8 of the GE 12730 fan controllers. What's the difference between using the GE Smart Fan Control driver vs the Generic Z-Wave Dimmer driver for these? Both appear to let me use the dimmer percentage to set fan levels, where 1-33 set the fan to low, 34-67 sets it to medium, and 68-99 sets it to high. Is there any functional difference between these two drivers?

I'd be curious to know this as well. I've got 6 of the GE fan controllers. I do wish there was a device driver way to do the low-medium-high settings (or maybe there is?).

I had requested that GE fan driver allow for polling since I have a few non-Plus models and Bruce mentioned he uses the dimmer driver for his fans:

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