Didn't update c8 before restore

I didn't update my c8 to the newest version before restore. Now, when I boot up I am getting ZigBee offline messages that eventually disappear, but never happened on the c7 (ZigBee appears to eventually start working). Also SharpTools doesn't seem to be connecting and the hub seems slow. I got a low ram and excessive cpu usage alert on the first boot. Should I update and restore the c7 backup to the c8 again?

Just update, you should not need to restore again, it should work fine.
Did you disable all LAN/Cloud integrations so you could check them one at a time afterwards? That can cause a frenzy of activity trying to connect and failing if they are not working out of the gate.

See this thread for Sharp Tools info: C-8 Migration and Sharptools

If you continue to get the Zigbee errors let support know but it is possibly just due to whatever is eating up the CPU. Once you get all your integrations confirmed and working things should settle down.

Seems to be working better now, but having issues with remote admin and sharptools.

I would jump on that other thread about Sharp Tools and I suggested there to reach out to them to see if they can migrate your dashboards to the new hub ID on their end. I think its out of the control of Hubitat.

Just posted in their community, hopefully they can work it out

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