Didn't follow the rules.๐Ÿ˜•

The other night I noticed that some of my lights where doing strange things. I decided to look into all the rules and motion rules that I had changed during the week as I had a bunch of new equipment added to my system. First mistake, donโ€™t do that half asleep. Today I tried to fix what I created and realized 2 things, 1) I have not rebooted my hub ever. 2) I have no idea how many times I didnโ€™t finish the rule by clicking DONE and just using the app button to go to the next rule.

Before I continue any further, is there a faster way then erasing the hub and starting over? I am starting to remodel my home in a few weeks so I would like to have a good grasp of this before I commit to automating a large portion of my home over the next few years. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly,

Ps. I do have a few members of my house that are known to turn the power off to some of the lights.

The Hub's Platform OS has a middle-of-the-night Clean-up cycle. It should act to keep your system running but won't do anything about Rules or Automations that had a device selected and now don't. If You create a Virtual, for example, then use it in a Rule, then discard the Virtual.. the Rule didn't get discarded BUT it's got a blank spot in it's middle.

The Soft Reset procedure will not fix bad / half bad Rules and Automations, but it will 'purge' the DB of 'abandoned' elements.


It's a process that takes 20 mins or so... maybe longer if you have a lot to clean. It's never let me down, and I do one or two every few days as a method of swapping configs on my Development Hubs.

You can just go back and add that, and click Done.

Get light switch guards. They make them for both toggle, and decora style. Example here:


Ps. I do have a few members of my house that are known to turn the power off to some of the lights.

I had to 3D print some "switch guards" that require quite a bit of contortion to access the physical switch to get the "STOP flipping the damn switches!" issue under control. I'd remove them altogether but 35 years in "high tech" has made a "belt and suspenders" guy out of me. Bet your life on a $80 black box anything ... and it will fail you at some point. I have cleaned up some spectacular tech failures over the years. It was my profession.

I will try this this evening. Sounds just like what I'm looking for.