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I have to agree that Fibaro is overpriced, a bit like HUE to be honest. Despite this I actually I bought the LED-controller from Kjell&Co.

At this moment in time, and especially as the traditional bulbs have been banned for some time here in Sweden, there will be no gain in electrical saving what so ever... but the WOW-factor is priceless as you've already noticed! :crazy_face:


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That is just what I start to be aware of! Hahaha
Even told my wife the truth today.. Hahaha.
She loves the stuff too, and said, «... but, do not care too much on the cost, this shit is cool»!!! I´m safe, for now... hahaha

Just turn off that Sonos messaging that is soo crappy and screws up the volume and input after an announcement... hihi. (Deleted)

But honestly, to be a good ambassador for this product at home, we need it working! The non tecky users will win the game and we can try to argue that it will work in the future, until we go green. We still have created enemies inhouse. Maybe something to have in mind along the path to complete automation... :wink:

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And for this reason only, I got a Home Mini for all announcements and are leaving all Sonos to do the normal job. The only thing I do with these, is that I will mute a few of them when the TV-set is started... and naturally un-mute them when the TV is off again.

This will be one of the reasons for choosing Hubitat and in my opinion this hub is as stable as my Home Assistant was, but in comparison a lot easier to maintain whereas HA is constantly updated with sometimes broken integrations.

One other example would be to replace the device (entity) name in HA, wouldn't say it's nightmare but pretty time consuming with editing the YAML. I know it's getting better for every version, but it's still far from as easy as with Hubitat. Therefore I'm a happy camper for the moment, and actually sometimes a bit bored due to lack of problems to solve! :grin:


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Back from my holidays, here another Italian Barcelona guy :slight_smile:

I received my Hubitat just few days ago, besides the 117$ paid for the hub and shipment(lead time around 2 weeks) I paid 37€ for the custom.

I am refurbishing an old house therefore cannot play yet with Hubitat, nevertheless I started to buy some component to put into the new electricity network.

I have some questions and ask your opinion:

Shutters: I think will go with Fibaro shutter v3. Any other option to this?

Inner wall switches and dimmers: I gave up to buy zigbee/Z-Wave wall switches since there are not so many options and also I don’t like the design. Do you have any suggestions on zigbee inner switches and dimmers? Do aqara ones(single and double) work with Hubitat?

Door sensors: I bought from Ali one Aqara just for fun, I saw there are two types, one with stilo battery and another one with a smaller type. Let’s see, what I am worries is the duration of the battery. For this reason and for entrance door I am thinking to install a cabled sensor, this will be a part of my cabled alarm which will include also cabled motion sensors, cables cameras and cables sirens. By using Konnect I will use those signals also with Hubitat for other strategies.

Thermostat: which one are you using? Is it wired or wireless?

Barcelona, Spain

One option for the door sensor would be a Sensative strip. They claim 10 year battery life, who knows :slight_smile:
This is the one I mean: Sensative Strips Family (strips guard)

They also have a water/moisture sensor and a light/temp sensor.
Not sure where they could be bought in Spain though. In Sweden we can buy them at kjell.com (sensative) or m.nu (sensative - m.nu)

Best regards

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Today I got, and paid, billed for the toll, tax and extra handling. So the package is in Sweden.
Let’s hope PostNord doesn't loose the package like they tend to do from time to time...


And I just did the exact same payment :slight_smile:


Hi @RogerThat ,

So I will focus on aqara sensors and zigbee lights to start with the HE software.

Now that I am searching the forum I have a doubt :thinking: does HE connects and work with WiFi elements?

For instance, if I buy any WiFi led bulb/strip will HE recognise it natively so I could create automations mixing zigbee sensors and WiFi bulbs?

As an example I may want to do: if an aqara Zigbee motion sensor detects movement in a room and the luminosity is below X, then turn on the WiFi lIght at 20%.

Thank you very much.

Yes @xbarbera. You can use devices with different protocols in the same rule.
That’s one of the benefits with a controller like HE.

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I bought a Sensative Strips Guard today and put it on my front door where I have a Danalock (Z-wave). Before the Strips Guard the lock would auto lock after 60 sec which sometimes made the lock lock itself even if the door was open.
Now I have setup flows in my Homey (will of course convert the flows to HE as soon as I get it) that lock the lock 10 sec after the door closes. Works really well and fun to setup. :slight_smile:
Can absolutely recommend the Strips Guard. Haven’t tested the other Strips though...



What puzzles me is that they state:
Install & forget (10 years battery life)
Sounds impressive, and it looks rally neat. One do not even see it when installed, if you can hide it between the frame and door/window. Cool product, if this is the case, I have to admit!
I'll try to order one to check it out, but if it really is this good, I'll bet I end up with one on each and every window and door. Very cool to implement to turn off any heat in a room if a window is open, and can also eliminate a motion sensor in a room that is not uses so often, like a shed/storage a.s.o. 10 year battery, wow...


Getting home and it’s Friday afternoon. Opens the mailbox and what do I see?..

I wonder what I will do this weekend? My family will not see much of me, that’s for sure. :smiley:


I think the Strips Guard are discreet and so far it has been working 100%.


For the thermostat and valve radiators what did you buy? For the thermostat I am looking for something wired so that I don't have to think about battery replacement.

Changing topic, in the profile how to put the european union flag is the small profile icon? :slight_smile:

The flag should show when you join a group but for me it doesn’t.

Update The flag for the last group you joined is the one that will show. :slight_smile:

For thermostat I choose Ecobee with voice control (ordered from US) - very happy with it. It requires some extra wiring and transformer for 24V. Daily heating routines are managed by thermostat, and HE "takes over" when I am travelling.

For radiators I chose Eurotronic Spirit (Z-Wave). Only one installed for now for testing purposes.

The main goal is HE actively to manage valves based on daily routines, presence and occupancy of rooms. My "project" still in quite early stage.

Thank you, now it works :slight_smile:

Thank you MTT, I will have a look

Hi, just ordered my Hubitat elevation and recently installed a Yale Doorman. (Also in Sweden) I just want to clarify that the Yale module works with Verisure's micro box (or do you need to by the smart module from Verisure)? And then you have to use Verisure's app in order to be able to connect the lock to hubitat?
Kind Regards,

You need the Verisure micro box (can be considered as a hub) AND the Verisure module that you put inside the Yale lock so that the lock can communicate with the micro box.

After that your register for a free account at Verisure My Pages and register the lock.

When this is done you can use your Verisure credentials to control the lock via Verisure's unoffical API's (which my driver does) and don't need the app anymore.

This is the ONLY way for us in Sweden to control the Yale Doorman outside of the alarm companies.

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