Did upgrade affect my teams (groups)?

After patching today to .130 from .129 a number of my groups - 6 so far, (I prefer to call 3 lights in a fixture a team) were not working correctly. 2 bulbs of 3 would go off on voice command but the 3rd would 'stick'. Having not seen this for a long time, I assumed the new OS had a performance hit or something and the my metering would need to be extended.
I found that all 6 had the metering turned off. All my groups have metering - which I vary by distance to the hub. All the others I've checked so far, still have their metering intact.
I re-enabled the metering on the failures and set them again and my problem went away, again. I considered reloading the previous version and documenting but reconsidered deciding against it.
Anyone else have metering problems?

Groups has not been touched in these releases, in fact Group 2.1 was not changed at all in 2.3.1. So you have something else going on to cause these issues, such as corruption in your database. Soft reset / restore backup is called for.

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Any community folks running a hub load graph? Do you see any diff between pre .130 and post? My unit has a 4.6% load today, yesterday (pre-130) it was .9%. Totally subjective but I wonder if I have a bit more load than before?

I have not. How are you measuring load?

I have a few hundred devices, mostly Zigbee, and load seems similar to before. I only worry if the load keeps going up, but it’s currently 3.25% on one and 3.75% on the other. Are these z-wave bulbs? I’m assuming since metering shouldn’t be necessary with Zigbee.

I have zwave disabled.
Without metering, zigbee lights don't work right for me. I use metering on all groups - from 20ms to 75ms.
I measure load by storing the CPUpct & cpupct5min values from Hubinfo every 12 hours.

Oddly - today - load stayed below 1.0 all day... in most cases it was 0.0 on both variables.
No flaky bulbs today. but ... now I'm loading .132 so IMHE no doubt things will burp as they always seem to do.

I'm also fairly surprised - my DB is 40 right now. I'd swear it was always around 95 before...

The events/states history was trimmed back in the update.

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