Did Update Break Predicate Rules?

I followed the instructions, opened RM and clicked "Done" right after the update completed.

In my Rules that used to say "Define Predicate rule" it now says "Define Required Expression"

Just a change in phrasing…


As @thebearmay said, just a change in wording. It's mentioned in the 2.3.0 release notes.


what really confused me was :slight_smile:

I thought RM broke... Love the work the Beta testers did this time around on the update - I wasn't brought to my knees for updating. Grats gents.


It looks like Rule 5.0 keeps “Predicate” terminology, but any 5.1 rule updates to “Required Expression.” What’s the difference, between the 2 versions of rule, if any? Is there a way to update to the 5.1 version of the rule? Are there any benefits? I’m asking because I was having issues with a rule 5.0 creating multiple triggers, and I’m wondering if I need to update to rule 5.1 to fix the issue.

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