Did a zwave "replace" and now both devices show as the same device

I recently got several of the 700 series Zooz 4-in-1 sensors. I'm going to keep my 500 series ones, but move them back to the C5 hub, but that will also require me to physically relocate a couple of them. So I tried to to the zwave replace in the zwave settings on one of the 500 series sensors. I think it worked... but my "laundry room - motion sensor" device reports motion for both sensors. Is this right? Do I now just exclude the original one so I can include it to my C5 hub?

I just don't want to accidentally create a ghost node or something.

That is...odd. "Replace" is really meant to be used when the original device is no longer functional (and it's usually difficult to make it appear if not, but for sleepy battery devices, less so). However, I suppose if both devices think they have the same node ID, think they're included into the network, and the hub can't tell the difference, then you might get the result you see.

I would not do an exclusion on the original device, at least not with your C-7 hub (or whatever your current one is). It likely can't tell the difference between this node and the new one, and I suspect the change will eliminate the entry entirely and prevent either real device from working on the hub without re-inclusion as a separate device. What I'd do instead is either factory reset the old 4-in-1 (which should also make it forget its pairing) or do a general exclusion on the C-5 (the one it is not currently paired to).


This is what I was thinking too. I went ahead and did the replace on the 2nd of my 3 sensors and had the same results. For now I just took the batteries out of the 500 series ones and will just factory reset them later when I'm ready to pair them back up to the C5 hub.

So far, both of the 700 series devices seem to be working great.