Diagnostic Tool Login/Logout

Trying to do a soft reset on my C7 via the Diagnostic Tool so that I can restore from backup.

Getting the Error 401 message when I try this.

Documentation at Soft Reset - Hubitat Documentation suggests remediating the Error 401 by logging out and logging in with a fresh un-cached browser window using the MAC address for the login.

However, the Login button on the Diagnostic Tool page appears to simply log me in without any further authentication. So no opportunity to enter the MAC address.

Also not sure if I'm really logged in or not, since options like Soft Reset, Reboot, Shutdown Hub all continue to throw Error 401. Other options like Download Backups appear to do nothing. Not even sure if the Logout option is really working either since all other options act the same regardless of apparent login/logout status.


Not sure if this was ever fixed but previously the diagnostic tool only worked if you access the hub via its IP directly and not the hubitat.local address. So make sure the IP is in the address bar up top.


Wow, that totally did the trick! Thanks for that, never would've occurred to me that some name resolution thing was to blame. Luckily I use a static IP address so I didn't have to go hunting for it.

Please somebody add this tip to the documentation wiki!


@gopher.ny is this a fixable bug? If you recall this stumped me for quite a while before the community collectively figured it out from some other old post.


Yes, diagnostic tool overhaul is on to do list...


5 minute fix to update the Documentation wiki with a caveat, just sayin'... :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the suggestion! Technically, the docs already said to use the IP address, but I've added a specific note that it must be the IP address. :slight_smile: