DHS Double Switch InWall

G'day All.
My old-ish Vera3 popped its little brain for no reason and I couldn't be arsed trying to reprogram it, so, after being thoroughly convinced by Matt Farrells Youtube review, I just purchased & received a very nice C7 HE. :laughing:
I dont have a lot of z-wave in the house, but a common brand I do have is DHS / Digital Home Systems / InWall modules.
First newbie problem;
DHS Z-Wave Double Wall Switch

After an Exclude and an Include, its an unknown "Device" but I overlayed the Aeotec Dual Nano profile and now I can independent control BOTH channels ON/OFF manually via the device screen, but HE clearly can't read it's STATUS. (Dashboards have "?" for example)

Any ideas on how to get this module working? :thinking:

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This is just a wild shot in the dark, but I suggest that you try the community driver for the Enerwave RMS2 dual (there are 2 of them floating around), and see if that is better for you and gives you the control and status that you need.
(Don't forget to use the cleanout driver in between, to clean out the existing driver that you've put in).
I'm sorry, that's the first time that I've seen that particular brand, so I have no idea what will work...

You could also try the built in Qubino 2 Relay Module.

Thanks guys.
Never did work with any of those drivers.
Ended up buying a bunch of Aeotec Dual Nano's ... work well enough ... but lingering concern on range

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