Devices with Type Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer or Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer not listed for Refresh Action?

I'm trying to us the Refresh Action but noticed some of my Z-Wave Devices are not appearing in the selection list. Upon further investigation it appears to be any device configured with either the Generic Z-Wave Smart Dimmer or Generic Z-Wave CentralScene Dimmer Device Types.

I can go to any pf these Device's configuration page an manually Refresh the device but again for some reason, these devices don't appear in the list for the Refresh Action.

Is this a bug? Thoughts?

Thanks, Glenn

No, not a bug. It's intentional to prevent users from programming refresh automations for device driver combinations that shouldn't need polling/refresh to report their state changes.

What if that situation does occur, where a Z-Wave Plus Device is reporting the wrong state until a refresh is performed.

If that's the case then there's something wrong with the device or the zwave network.


That being said, situations do arise where, for one reason or another, the hub might not be reporting the correct state of a device. To mitigate these circumstances, where an accurate device state is important, wouldn't it make send to add a Refresh Action to your rule.

Obviously if you're seeing a large number of inaccurate device status it would make sense to investigate the situation.

Thanks, Glenn

One can still do this by using a custom command in rule machine.


I have a Leviton switch which is not reporting the correct status. (Actually, 2 of them).
It's because they are on a previous firmware.
I'm waiting for something from Leviton (a USB ZStick, with the latest firmware), to update them.