Devices with Instant Status vs. the ones who don't

As I am moving devices over from SmartThings and old problem that I completely forgot about reared it's ugly head. Devices that don't send instant updates when manually switched.

Yes, I am aware of the patent with Instant Status but what I am curious to know is how is SmartThings able to handle these device's status changes almost instantaneously? Somehow SmartThings knows when one of these devices are manually switched. Is it some trick they do in the device handler? I certainly don't want to be rapidly refreshing these devices at all hours of the day.

These are z-wave non-plus devices. And ST got around that by constantly polling the devices for their status. It's messy. There is a native Hubitat app called Z-wave poller which adds this functionality for non-plus devices only as z-wave plus devices do not suffer from this problem. And this is only applicable to changes that are made on the device itself, not to changes made by the controller.

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Yes I had seen that app but it only seems to accept some devices and not other non-plus switches such as the Aeon Appliance switch. I guess I could use RM to do the same thing. What is the poll refresh time on the 'Z-ave poller'? I assume it's just polling based on time. And how much is too much on polling?

Z-wave poller only has support for Z-wave non-plus devices that have local control. I don't believe you can switch the Aeon Appliance switch locally, can you? It must be done from the z-wave controller. So, you would not have to poll that device.

There are physical buttons on those devices and in my environment the button sometimes get manually pushed. I believe the reason it doesn't show up in Z-wave poller is becauseof the device handler being "Aeon outlet" which has energy usage.

Is the Z-wave poller app any less messy in what it does as opposed to making a RM Rule that polls at set intervals?

What device are we talking about? This one:

Yes, the z-wave poller app is preferable to doing it in RM. AEON outlet isn't the same as the appliance module. Plus, I believe the outlet is z-wave plus. You have to be careful because whether it is available to z-wave poller will depend on the driver that you pick. If you pick a z-wave plus driver, it won't be available to poller.

I have a bunch of these.

A picture doesn't help. I can't find the device on their website. What is the model number?

DSC06106-ZWUS - They are several years old.

And what driver are you using?

"Aeon outlet"

Try Generic Z-wave switch. Then you can add it to poller. I believe the aeon outlet is z-wave plus so would not show up in the poller app.

It should be noted, that device is not on the list of supported devices. Also, using the generic z-wave switch will not give you energy reporting.

When I do that I loose the energy consumption attribute. I use these for small window air conditioners and space heaters and track how much energy is consumed.

Sorry...but it's an unsupported device. You can either get polling or energy reporting. You can always send a request to to get the device added but since it isn't available anymore, there's little chance of that.

As a side note, how are you tracking the energy that's being consumed?

The switch's energy attribute holds the total kWh used. I keep track of total kWh for the season. On SmartThings I use WebCore and store the values and keep track of usage from year-to-year.

I realize they aren't supported and understand why they might not ever support them. I am taking everything I have on SmartThings and moving it to Hubitat. So far I have gotten many devices ported over and working well, all except my Danalock V3 zigbee deadbolt. And the Instant Update problem I ran into today. My hope was to be totally off SmartThings but that doesn't look like its going to happen as soon as I would like.

I suppose I can replace the switches with a newer model that doesn't have the problem and go from there. I see RM has variables now so I am hoping to duplicate it on Hubitat.

Oh, so the total kWh is stored until you reset it? That makes sense. The Iris plugs, which have energy reporting, don't have that function. I didn't know anything did in HE.

Yes, total kWh used until reset. This switch does not report the wattage of the device plugged into it, just total energy used. Its a nice feature.

Fibaro's wall plug outlets, and Zooz Power Strips, do both on Hubitat, report wattage being used and accumulation of KWH, until you reset it.

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I'll look into that. Thanks for all your help on this.

You could try porting this driver to Hubitat.