Devices tab tiles issue on Android

@bobbyD I was checking on the slide issue with the individual bulbs. I was able to get it to crash and send the logs. I don't know the process, but I am checking to see if you had received them.

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FYI.. I did try this in iOS not an issue.

An interesting problem. Maybe this problem is only on some devices? There may be a factory defect or the program was not installed correctly.

The widget was that application needed to open in the background. Crashing I have re-installed the application. I don't believe this is "phone' issue.

I have sent debug logs through the store.

Removed the Hubitat application and rebooted phone and installed it again. No change.

Not sure if this is right topic but Logitech Harmony activity changes update slowly or not at all to widgets. Hubitat shows that certain activity is "on" but widget itself is grey (not yellow). Other device widgets like outlets seems to work normally. Device is yellow when it is on and grey when off.

Maybe this is some kind of visual bug? Have you tried reinstalling or updating the program?

It's visual bug in mobile app I would say. I have updated app always as updates are published. It's just those logitech harmony activities which are not working same way like all the other outlets and things.

I know this is a bit older, but try the Beta app if you haven't already. That fixed it for me. I think if you go to the play store, find the Hubitat app, on the app description it says something about "try beta". It takes a couple hours to allow you into that beta app, so you might have to check back and do the update.

I think I'm on Beta. I don't have that option. I remember signing up and getting. I didn't do that I'm my iOS device only on Android. I'm on 1.6.1 build 113. What are you on?

I have confirmed that I'm on beta version and the firmware don't help.

Anything new with this? I still have this issue.

Has there been any head way on this?

Not yet, but has not been forgotten. Stay tuned.


Thank you.

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