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Getting ready to switch to Hubitat. Going over my exising devices and the supported Hubitat device list. I have a couple I can't find in the list. Want to know if they are supported.

Vision Security Generic Z-wave plug.
Fortrezz Water Valve.
Nutone NWS15Z Switch.

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The officially supported devices can be found in the "Type" list when you choose Devices > Add Virtual Device, or in the Docs wiki here. All other currently available drivers will be community supported and can be found here. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can sometimes find a SmartThings DTH that can be ported to a Hubitat Driver, maybe with some help if needed :wink:

I have had good luck with the Nutone switches.

If it's listed in the Community supported drivers, does that mean it requires a special driver that would need to be installed? If so, where are they?

The community list is community maintained, so if the link isn't there, then either the person that added the device to the list was able to use the device with a generic driver and didn't note that in the list, or they didn't link to the driver.

I would try generic first, and if that doesn't work, enter the device in the forum search and you should find it eventually. Discourse search isn't the best. Sometime Google search actually works better :man_shrugging:

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I have the Watercop water valve. The Fortrezz is a rebranded version of it, or vise-versa. It picks up as a generic Z-Wave valve and works perfectly.

What device type are you using for the Nutone switch? I have tried generic z wave switch, generic z wave smart switch. They kinda work, but its flaky.

Are you using the Fortrezz Water & Temperature sensors to trip the valve, I got the valve paired fine, can't seem to get the water sensors paired.

No. I am using a mixture of the Dome Leak Sensors (DMWS1) and Smartthings Leak Sensors.

Ok, thank you.

NWS15Z and NWD500Z. Both using generic z-wave.

Does it dedicated the flows per second, etc ??

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