Devices not showing up in dashboard tile choices

My C-7 died so I just got a new one and trying to switch all my devices to the new hub. Pretty much complete except for a GE Z-Wave fan controller 14287. I can include it and operate it on the device page but when I go to the dashboard and try to create a tile for it, it's not on list. Never seen that before and also have the same scenario with a GE toggle switch for outside lights. These all worked correctly and I had tiles for them on my old C-7.
Any ideas?

First, I would check the specific Dashboard child app within Hubitat Dashboard app to see if the device is in the list. If it is there and it doesnโ€™t appear on the dashboard, something odd is happening. Screenshots would be helpful in that case.

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Thanks Sebastien for your response. We did a soft reset and pushed the reset button on the bottom and started all over. The issue I had before is not there now with the new setup. Only issue now is pairing my iphone to Hubitat so I can get notifications if an automation instruction is met. Funny the account is in my name but my wife's iphone is already set up and she gets text messages and I don't. I tried creating or added mine with add a device then the virtual. I see a long number under network device ID. Do I put my own number in there? I'm stuck on this step.
Thanks Bill

Hmmm... Not sure what that is. Can you include a screenshot?

Sebastien I have this issue again after my second setup of the hub. The last device we included is an Eaton zwave + plug. We included it and I can operate the switch on/off on the device list but when I go to Dashboard to create a tile, the "Front Door Plug" is not in the drop down menu to pick from. All other devices I have are on that list. I even rebooted the C-7.

You went to the Apps tab, then the Dashboard app, and authorized this new device to be on a certain dashboard?

New devices must be added to Dashboard app before they are allowed to be selected within the Dashboard itself.


Oh my Neonturbo, you nailed it. I have never had to do that before and didn't even know it existed. All my other devices were on there and I had never selected them to be on that list. The Front Door Plug was the only one not checked. I learn something new everyday. Thank you.

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