Devices not responding in HomeKit

I have a C-8 Hubitat hub and have been using it to integrate z wave devices with HomeKit. It’s been up and working for a few months but this morning ALL z wave devices are non-responsive in HomeKit. I’ve tried Support from all the other devices with no luck. Tried Apple, couldn’t resolve. Tried SmartWings (the roller shades that are z wave) and no luck. I also have one temperature sensor that’s z wave but haven’t tried their support.
The shades work with their native remote. They also work in Hubitat hub. They just don’t work anymore inside of HomeKit and those respective automations.
I’ve rebooted Apple TV, rebooted phone, rebooted Hubitat, removed and re-added one of the shades but no luck.
Please help!!

Shutdown hubitat and unplug. Unplug ALL homepods/apple tv's at the same time and then plug them back in. Wait 5 mins after the last one is plugged in and everything is connected to the internet then bring up hubitat and see if all is ok.

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I had the same issue and tried the restart several times to no avail. Finally I tried taking all the devices out of HomeKit integration and adding them back one at a time. All four lights went no problem but my fyrtur blinds will not add back without breaking all the other devices(non responsive). I have tried changing the drivers, completely removing the blinds and re-adding them with different drivers (all of which worked previously) to no avail.

I am starting to wonder if this is an issue with hubitat not officially being supported and the last iOS update broke certain aspects of the HomeKit integration, but that is just a suspicion at this point.

I had same issue. Followed rlithgow1's advice and it solved the problem. Hope I don't have to do that very often as it was a pain getting all the pods unplugged.

I haven't had any issues and I'm on the latest betas of everything. Perhaps @gopher.ny can look at your engineering logs and see if he can see anything

Which driver is used for fyrtur blinds?

Thanks gopher.ny, as I mentioned it was working for about 2 weeks great then stopped working in HomeKit (would basically break the whole HomeKit integration if I included it, but as soon as I excluded all the other devices were fine). I have found a temporary work around by creating a group with a virtual shade then using a virtual dimmer to control the group and the dimmer is available in HomeKit and will control the blinds. Not elegant but at least the WAF is there.

As for what drivers I used I have used the following three different drivers (one just had an update to the battery update period ).

The first one was the one I found by Ryan780 ( Ikea Blinds - #47 by Ryan780)

The second one I used was a4refillpad (

The third was the same one with the battery reporting time adjusted based on this thread (Tips on reducing battery drain for IKEA Fyrtur Blinds paired with HE? - #11 by cohoman)

This is a line in the original driver coding under the configure routine that sets the IKEA blind device to report data every 10 minutes:

cmds = zigbee.configureReporting(CLUSTER_WINDOW_COVERING, ATTRIBUTE_POSITION_LIFT, DataType.UINT8, 3, 600, 0x01) + zigbee.configureReporting(CLUSTER_BATTERY_LEVEL, 0x0021, DataType.UINT8, 600, 21600, 0x01)

and here is the same line of code that I modified:

cmds = zigbee.configureReporting(CLUSTER_WINDOW_COVERING, ATTRIBUTE_POSITION_LIFT, DataType.UINT8, 90, 86400, 0x01) + zigbee.configureReporting(CLUSTER_BATTERY_LEVEL, 0x0021, DataType.UINT8, 43200, 86400, 0x01)

What my change does is configure the zigbee device (IKEA Blind) to send the level position every 10 secs when the level is changing, and every 24 hours regardless of blind changing or not. The battery percentage is sent every 12 hours if it drops 1%, and every 24 hours regardless of how much the battery level has changed.

  86400 secs = 24 hours,   43200 secs = 12 hours

So now, the IKEA blind is not pinging the Hubitat hub every 10 minutes with data and using up battery power. With this change, the battery percentage has dropped only 1% over the last 5 days. I normally open and close these blinds once every day. So, I think this small change has fixed my battery drain issue. Just wanted to post this information for others who may be experiencing the same situation. Thanks to everyone who helped to point me in the right direction for a solution!