Devices Display inconsistent

There may be an setting I am missing.

But if I search for Devices with Guest in their name I get

If I click on the table view with the same guest search criteria I get:-

Not sure what is happening here.

If there is a guide to how this operating I would appreciate it:-)


Odd. It seems to work for me. C-7 on Fewer devices (13) as I have just started moving devices to this hub.

Could it be a browser oddity? I'm using Chrome Version 88.0.4324.150 on Windows 10 Pro.

Does it on both my HE C7s

It is consistently inconsistent :slight_smile:

Does it on Safari 14.0.3 and Chrome 88.0.4324.150

It is case sensitive . . .

It is case sensitive in tabular mode. It is not case sensitive in list mode.


What happens if you repeat both searches with guest capitalized as Guest ? Perhaps one of the searches is case sensitive.

Well, looks like @Eric.C.Miller and I were typing at the same time. :blush:


Ha the search field is case sensitive in one view and not in the other.

Well at least I understand now


To me, that seems like a bug that @bravenel should address.


Not a bug a 'feature' :slight_smile:

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