Devices available outside local network

Yesterday playing with hubitat application on my mobile I saw I can create widgets. nice :).
I saw in list all my devices(switches, lights ...). Test work nice.
Then I saw in mobile application on devices tab all my devices. Went outside my local network and the devices were still there and accessible.
Today I create a room to see how is working and then on widgets and devices page on mobile app there were only devices which are in the room I created.

My questions;
Why all devices are visible when no room exists? is a bug?
I do not get the concept of room, if it mean only for sharing outside local network then is not about real rooms.
Why anyway devices in room are automatically shared outside local network? How can I disable that?
Basically now when you do not have any room everything is shared in cloud. Maybe I as not paying attention to all release notes since rooms were introduced, but I never expected to share all in cloud.

Now that I test a bit more the widgets it seems that they are not very well synced with the devices. It is like they never update from device unless I use the widgets. Any change that I do, even in mobile application, is not reflected on widgets. Do I need to do some settings or is some limitation?

It's a feature so you aren't required to setup rooms.

Has nothing to do with sharing outside of local networks, it's just for grouping devices by the room they are in.

Not to my knowledge

They added a new feature where you can control the devices from the mobile app. It has nothing to do with rooms.

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except if you define one room in mobile app you can see only the devices in it, all others are gone. If you have at least one room = what device you can use from mobile = use from outside local network. I am not sure I like this approach. I was always found of using local network and less to share with outside. Now out of the box all my devices are shared, the default setting for dashboard is to be shared in cloud and is not immediately visible. You need to open an extra menu to not share a dashboard. :frowning:

Not saying I disagree with your point, just saying this is how it works. I can definitely see value (for those who want everything internal) to having an option to enable which devices are exposed to the cloud.

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