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I have been having trouble with a Qubino relay not turning on a device. I looked at the logs to see if status has changed. I hit All to see all the devices and I don't see the relay or my 3 Zooz switches. The switches control outside lights, which work fine and I have one receptacle controlling a lamp which works. I can see the receptacle but not the switches or relay.
Also on the relay i power it with 24vdc and the trigger (24vdc+) is on l1. Therefore, it should send a signal to the receptacle that I have setup in simple lighting but it doesn't work.

Did you interact with all of those devices while the logging screen was open?

If not, that's why you don't see the other devices, but if you click the "Show Past Logs" link you should see all of them.

If you have logging open and you're troubleshooting the relay, make sure debug logging is enabled in its settings. Once the debug logging setting is saved, click refresh and if "refresh()..." is the only thing that gets logged then the device isn't communicating with Hubitat.

I did what you said and there was nothing in the logs. What I don't understand is that I have the 3 Zooz switches that work every night and I don't see them in the log either. How far back are the logs kept? I assume the relay is bad.

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Is logging turned on for each of the Devices from their respective Device page entries ?

Can you post a screenshot?

You might want to double check your wiring. If that looks ok then force remove the device from Hubitat, factory reset it, and join it again.

Text logging is enabled by default in all the built-in drivers so as long as he didn't manually disable that it should be reporting on/off status changes.

All text loggings are turned on. The Zooz swtiches don't show in the logs but they work.

Can you post a screenshot of the past logs?