Device update

If I change a device, is there an easy way to update all the Apps to update to the new device ?
Especially in rules or do I have to go through the rule and change the device in every step ?
Even if I name it the same the apps it still refers to the old device

If you have a device in-use, in an automation rule, and you change the name of the device (Device Label on the Device page) - the rule will pick up the new name. At least that has always been my experience.

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If you add a new device, and want to swap the new device for different device, no, it's a one by one change.

On the C-7 you can do a ZWave replace of one device for another BUT there are restrictions there too, such as S0/S2 will prevent the replacement.


The easiest way to do it is to go to the bottom of each device’s page, to the “in use by” section, click on each link, go to the automation, swap out each device. Go back to the original device, do the next “in use by”, repeat until no automations using that device. Then move to next device. It’s a one-by-one process.


I'm sure the folks here know better than I. However I would be tempted to try the steps to migrate from C5 to C7 see here.

I think it would be best if you started with step 2 then went to step 5 thru 9.
I've not tried it but from my memory of moving to C7 I think it might work.

Good luck

This is a recurrent question. There does not seem to be a “replace” or “substitute” device, which would be most welcome in many cases.

Someone has suggested copying the old device ID and replacing the new one’s ID with it, once discovered. I believe that only works when substituting a Zigbee device with another Zigbee device. Or a Z-Wave with another Z-Wave. Cannot really say since I haven’t gone that way.

What I’ve done is the step by step manual substitution using the “in use by...” of the old device, as has been suggested.

Developers please, this is an interesting request.

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