Device Up \ Down using Ping

I would like to have a feature or app to ping my Solar Inverter IP and other devices that deal with my home power system. Is there a feature to add a device for Pinging a IP for UPTIME? basically as moe devices are IP enabled we need a low level IP diagnostic for basic network management. This would be ideal to have in a logic basic home automation tool. ICMP PING!

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You could take a look at @jwetzel1492’s IPhone WiFi Presence device driver as an example of a device that uses a simple http call to implement a sort of “ping”. I have used it with a WiFi SmartPlug to see if it could be used to determine if the power goes out to a specific electrical circuit. Maybe it’ll work with your IP devices? Worth a try since Hubitat does not currently support ICMP Ping calls.


I use this and have had to slightly modify it based on various systems, but the base code is still the same. it works great

This also by @jwetzel1492 is also very handy

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