Device Shows in Z Wave Details But Not In Device List

I am brand new to Hubitat and Zwave - trying to migrate from using and accumulating X-10 devices for 40 years. Anyway, I have successfully installed about 30 devices (module and wall dimmers and switches) over the last couple of weeks, but it's all very new to me. My problem is this - I installed and included a wall dimmer in the mesh, and then uninstalled the device from the wall after an issue arose. I believe I then removed (force "removed") the device. Everything was fine - Device List has the same list of devices as the "Z-wave Details" page. I then later reinstalled the switch in the wall, but have been unable to include or set it up. The device now appears on the Z wave Details page, but not on my Device List. It has no device name, only a "Discover" button - and also an option to "Refresh" and "Repair" in the status column. Nothing happens when I hit "Discover" or "Refresh." If I hit repair, it tells me it has been repaired.

I want to be able to name and configure the device like normal, or "remove" the device and start over again. Any suggestions? If so, please dumb it down to newbie level. Thanks in advance!

Hello Joe353,

First, great description of the issue! Because the device was force removed, it is still linked to Hubitat. In order to add it again, it will need to be completely removed.

If I’m not mistaken, you will need to first unplug from the wall. Then, in the Z-Wave details screen, you will need to hit refresh one to several times until an option to remove appears.

Once this is done, you should go to the add device page, choose Z-Wave and select “Start Z-Wave Exclusion”, and put the device in inclusion/exclusion mode. If successful, it will indicate that an unknown device has been removed.

After this is done, you can select “Start Z-Wave Inclusion” and again put the device in inclusion mode. This should add the device to both the Z-Wave screen and the device screen (same as you previously did).

Please report back if this worked for you, if you get stuck or if it doesn’t actually work.


Thank you SO MUCH for your quick reply! I'll remove the switch again from the house wiring this weekend and follow the procedure you outlined. I'll report back with the results. Thanks again! I'm sure I'll have lots more questions about the platform as I move forward.


Always happy to help!

Might I recommend simply turning off the breaker? Might be less work. Alternatively, some switches have an Air Gap pull “button” on the bottom. That should also work as an option.


Yes, these are called ghosts. Any time you have a failed pairing STOP! Check your z-wave devices page for the device. Exclude the device, and as @Sebastien outlined hit refresh till you can remove. Do not attempt to pair anything else until this is done. Then you can go ahead and start pairing again.


No way someone w/40 years of experience w/X-10 gets a newbie badge. :wink:

Agree 100% - even w/a new protocol to learn (Z-Wave) your description of the events leading up to problem was well beyond noob. You probably saved all of us (you included) an hour of "So what did you do again?" questions. :smiley:

Welcome to HE.


Anyone that had x-10 for any length of time should get a purple heart


Finally able to get back to this today. Good call on flipping the breaker. I feel stupid for not thinking of that. Anyway, I did that, refreshed several times, and was then finally able to remove the ghost. I then tried adding it again as a device. When I do so, the hub finds it quickly and begins initializing, but then nothing ever happens. I get the following message - "Found Z-Wave device with id 2C, initializing..." and then time runs out. Any thoughts?

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Well - I feel like a nube. I was very proficient with X-10 and had an extremely reliable setup. But I had been using HA Bridge to allow my Alexa devices to control my X-10 stuff. About 55 modules/switches combined. This has worked great for a couple of years, but Amazon keeps changing support for the bridge access, and it finally stopped working. By that time, I was hooked on voice control for everything, so upward and onward. Transitioning from the X-10 interface to Rule Machine, etc., has been pretty challenging. But I'll keep at it.

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We all start at some base, and have progressed (though somewhat like a sine wave) to sligtly higher ground. :smiley:

Got it this time. Ghost showed back up after failure to initialize. I flipped the breaker, refreshed the ghost listing in Z wave settings until it gave me the option to remove, then removed it. This time I went back into Devices and hit Exclude, toggled the switch, and was able to exclude it - referenced as an "unnamed device." Then I was able to add it and configure it normally. THANKS AGAIN to all for the helpful guidance!


Haha. In my case, definitely only SLIGHTLY higher. :melting_face:


Glad you got it. Ghosts are a pain. They will cause a lot of problems with your mesh. Also if you wanna clear things out now that it's fixed. Shutdown the hub from the settings menu, unplug at the wall (not the hub) for 10 mins and power back up. That will clear your z-wave radio. (Can't hurt)

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Will do. Thanks, again!