Device SES303 - looking for a driver

Hi guys, I'm looking for a driver for the SES303 Z-Wave Plus Secure SES303 Temperature & Humidity Sensor Gen5 — Vesternet.

I'm moving from Vera to HA and it's the only device I have not managed to find a driver for yet.

I'v looked on smartthings and Github without any luck... any other suggestions?

Are you using it with the extra wired sensors, or just the internal ones?

This is a real PITA device because it dynamically changes the number of endpoints it exposes depending on whether it has the external wired sensors attached or not.

It also uses a weird implementation of Z-Wave Command Classes, for example for Configuration and Association the commands have to be encapsulated and sent to each specific endpoint individually.

If you're just using it without the extra wired sensors, then one of the built in generic Z-Wave drivers may work as in that case it's "just" a single endpoint device with temperature and humidity.

I was using 2 external temperature probes.

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