Device Polling

This works for rule machine. But thinking into the next phases of interactions, how can you connect a virtual switch to a relay switch in order to use it with Alexa? Google? App or Dashboard someday?

I created a virtual switch (dimmer actually) for Alexa/other use. Then I created rules to manage it. One for on, and one for off.

The on rules for example, is a trigger, if the vs that Alexa sees switches on, and the real switch is off, turn it on. Same for off.

Then the rule for the actual automation, includes the Alexa switch as an optional on/off switch for those automation’s, to keep it in sync. Works great, but it’s a lot of steps!

I think I mixed ideas on that last post. If you already have the VS for each relay switch, just share that to Alexa.

When you create a Virtual Switch there’s no where to link it to the actual relay…

RM - Hubitat

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I guess maybe I don’t understand the process yet.

BTW when I try to access the user guide from within Hubitat I get this error:
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URL: Hubitat

Maybe I’m missing a step. I saw the other post with a link to a driver for “Device Polling”. That was a driver for an enerwave dual relay. Is that the only driver that will work? I installed my monoprice driver. Works. But is that a problem?

I wouldn’t imagine it should be, but I’m using the enerwave driver for a monoprice relay in my testing.

So the process is basically:

Install relay driver (done)
Create two virtual switches, one for each relay.
Create the 4 rules in RM, 2 for each relay, per that link I gave.

Go ahead and start commenting in that thread so we don’t clutter this one. I’ll help as best I can.