Device name question

I'd like to put a :battery: icon in the name of devices with batteries since it will make it easier for me on the future selecting the devices for my battery dashboard when I recreate to get things in alphabetical order when I add devices. Are there any side effects doing this that make this a bad idea?

Is that an emoji? I just tried a quick test using the pretzel emoji and everything still worked fine. I didn't try putting it on a dashboard but if the system is "emoji friendly" I can't see why it wouldn't display it correctly.

But when a device name is sent to tts or a device shared to Google it Amazon's feels it have problems there?

Guess I'll try different things and find out. Really debating getting a second hub so I can play freely without fear of screwing up my only hub.

Oh...yeah...TTS will be blown up and be sent the actual ascii values for the emoji. So will Alexa most likely.