Device Metadata and Customization

Ability to define templates for and set individually custom setting's or attributes for devices. As such you would be able to define

Dashboard behavior: what the device will show up as in the dashboard ( customized and repeatable across all dashboards) ,
Custom Attributes: allow the use of custom attributes that can be defined by the user as part of the device ( eg on a motion sensor user could add an attribute of "Activity within the Last 10 Minutes" and add rules that would set and unset the custom attribute)
Groupings: add a new Device field that would allow each to be grouped as per user needs (eg Kitchen, living room, Bathroom), allow grouping to be visible and sort-able on the device page and allow the Group to be appended to the device name when exported/shared to Alexa or Google assistant ... )
Overrides: where a function of the device is overridden by a user defined procedure eg level could be overridden and set to accept a level and apply it on next light on ( staging the level....)
Template: allow the user to save the customization's and apply them to other devices
Template sharing: allow templates to be saved shared and restored

The above would make dealing with devices as groups and in dashboards more straight forward and allow the customization of the pre-baked DTH's w/o adjustment to the DTH

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