Device List shows "System Device"?

First week on Hubitat after 5 years of ST.

Noticed this in my device list. Device network ID is only 4 characters but it has a zigbee ID. Seems unlikely I would have labeled something "DEVICE" instead of kitchen light or bedroom button etc...

Can someone tell me what these are? Placeholders for something useful or purposeful? Glitch in the matrix?

This would be a zigbee device that you paired to Hubitat. During pairing, the device’s fingerprint did not match any built-in driver or community driver that you installed previously.

Hmmm. So I should delete these? My inventory seems to be accounted for on the device list so I'm not sure what they could be. Just migrated this week so no clue which of the 20 or so devices this could be.

Delete or what purpose do they serve?


The Device is a real device but the system couldn't figure out what it was so it just labels it generically as Device.
In ZB it's hard to figure out which one it is if it wasn't just added and you saw the Default moniker.
I would delete it and figure out what light/motion etc. doesn't work during your travels of creating rules/pistons

Click the getInfo command and post the fingrtprint from the live log. That will give a clue as to the type of device it is...

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Hit "get Info" and the log has been showing this for a few minutes now...

Is there such thing as a false device? I don't think I've been hacked but with all the adding of devices these two are some sort of artifact of a real device? To be clear I don't have any wacky homemade hardware, its all COTS sensors and switches etc...