/device/list Last Activity sort order alphabetical instead of date time

The "Devices List" at /device/list has a "Last Activity" alphabetical sort order instead of date time.

Thanks for reporting that. Will put a ticket in.

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Nothing wrong with last activity in the sort order. Actually really useful, but the only issue is it's not the correct sort order. Is that what you meant?

Yes, the string isn't going to sort alpha properly, and it needs to sort based on the datetime stamp instead of the string for proper sorting.

Is there a Hubitat bug tracker that we should report bugs and feature requests in? I did look, but couldn't find one.

No we don't keep a public bug tracker.

I think a public one should be created to see how fast we can get Hubitat staff to all throw their PCs out a window. My bet's on 6 hours. :wink:

We have an issues tracker, it's just not public. :slight_smile:

You wouldn't be very good software developers if you didn't. I was just implying that if we (the community) had one other avenue to annoy/frustrate the hell out of you folks on staff, it might cause mass-hysteria at Hubitat "HQ". Just a little brevity after a very, VERY long week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: